Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am thinking about starting a flickr group with a "What's in your art bag theme."

I saw a group named "What's in your bag". It was mostly students showing off their expensive purses or backpacks, electronics, notebooks, and color coordinated gear. I immediately thought of the large purse with journal and art supplies that I sometimes carry. But it makes my shoulder hurt and I eventually go back to a smaller purse. That may work for a month or two, but it gets over-loaded eventually and I upgrade to one of my larger bags. It is a continuous cycle!

I have an art bag I keep packed with journaling and drawing supplies. I can grab it and go but I usually customize for the specific trip. I would take out the knives and scissors, before flying, and maybe add more collage supplies or a tiny needlework kit, something I am currently working on.

As you can see I also use this bag for storage. I work out of it sometimes in different places at my home.

I do love good art supplies.