Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am feeling blue about the end of summer!

I LOVE teaching, my school, the other teachers and staff, and especially the interaction with the children. I am excited about my new classroom. Previously I have been the Mobile Latin Teacher, have cart will travel.

But there is a sense of disappointment that I didn't accomplish more.

I have not painted on canvas, threaded the loom, finished dolls, made a book or quilt, felted...

I have resisted the urge to buy art supplies*. I recognize that as a substitute for spending time creating that I can fall into too easily!
But today I bought two books and a magazine with art class money.

I am not really happy about my studio arrangement at present hence the purchase of the book Where Women Create.

In my heart I know that creativity does not depend on place, space, or a lot of specific supplies, I have a lifetime supply already.

But some of my focus has been missing of late!

* Honesty check: I have bought fabric!
sewed four skirts, and a tunic
dyed and embellished a t-shirt
had a serious garden
taught a weekly sewing class for girls
taught one week of art camp
cooked lots of primarily vegetable meals
made pickles
worked on the garage, sorting, boxing, trashing and giving away stuff