Monday, March 26, 2007

For the love of Journaling!
I have been making my own notebooks and journals, artist illustrated one of a kind books and altered books. It has been quite an adventure. Today, one of my books is being feature on a Flickr Group Blog, notebookism.
Here are some other views of the featured book and others that I have created.


natalief said...

I am here via LiveJournal and Notebookism. I would love to be able to read an RSS feed of your journal. Do you have one? R.S.V.P. natalie [at] natalieford [dot] com

natalief said...

Thanks for getting back to me!

RSS or Atom would work for me. Other Blogspots that I read have one or the other set up - is there any info in the Bloglines FAQ/Help about setting one up?

Some people use feedburner I think. I am sorry that I cannot help more - LiveJournal sets our RSS feeds up for us! ;-p

molly jean said...

Thank you, natalief. I'm curious now. I will look into it tonight. Need to go to work.

natalief said...

Subject: RSS or Atom question on my blog

Hi Natalie, I hate to change the subject when it is one so serious! (I tutor 4 boys in a reading program, two of whom are said to be ADD or ADHD.)

You left a comment and question at my blog this morning about RSS feed or Atom. This is way beyond my understanding (I have Adult Onset ADD, I am convinced!)I pasted some code into my template and now there is a link just under my profile that says "Subscribe to Posts [Atom]"

I don't know if it works. Could you check and give me some feedback? I really don't even know what it should do!

I am at

Molly Jean Henson"

Yup! That worked!
(livejournal name length limit sucks)

molly jean said...

Thank you, Natalie.