Saturday, April 07, 2007

These are scans of an altered book journal using an old Readers Digest Condensed Book. These books are often free and will not hold up well if you get a lot of moisture (paint or glue in the spine) but I love the way the soft paper soaks up the paint. I tear our two or three pages about a quarter of an inch from the center, then glue several sheets together. I prepare the spread with acrylic paint and gesso, black gesso on this one. This book was begun as an example for a workshop I taught at the Ellen Noel Art Museum.

Looking back can be fun, insightful, helpful, and painful. I don't mean "living in the past" although I am guilty of it at times. I mean focusing in on a distant event or series of events and realizing that you have indeed accomplished something!

Experienced, grown, and learned.

I have been looking at my old prayer/sermon note journals. When I feel kind of dry and wrung out these journals always make me feel better; they refocus my mind and change my perspective.

The last two or three weeks have been exciting art weeks with a new tool and technique (needle felting) added to my arsenal, and a new source of inspiration and friendship in the Flickr artists that I have met.

I am also revisiting old art journals and am quite amazed to see what I did back when the house was full of little ones. It did not seem like much at the time, but it was ongoing and did accumulate!


One Crabapple said...

Well here is something Crazy and Weird !

This morning I was on Ebay and scrolled down to see the picture better and suddenly my screen POOF changes to Your BLOG !

Isn't that interesting ?

I love your journal pages. I LOVE your fabric / fiber ATC's of COURSE !

Were you on my blog do you think at the same time ? or perhaps checking out wallpaper on Ebay and we were on the same picture ?

anyway ! funny and FUN indeed !

Happy Easter - Love, S.

Micki said...

The altered book is fabulous. I really like the work you are doing, especially with the embellisher.

Dianne said...

Such a beautiful journal!!

molly jean said...
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