Friday, April 13, 2007

I have been going back and looking at what I accomplished, artistically, all those years when home and family were my focus and little children were always close at hand. While scanning some pages of old sketch books and nature journals I found this. It was painted when my parents lived in Ft. Hancock, Texas, on the Rio Grand River. This is greasewood and yucca; the mountains are on the other side of the river, in Mexico.
My daddy had been invited to take us on a ranch to see some petraglyphs. We hiked and scrambled over rocks and found one sort of vague possible site. The guys may have thought the trip a failure because time ran out without us seeing the famous rock paintings that we had a magazine article about. But I have wonderful memories of that day!

So what am I doing these days? Not spending much time outside sketching! I have not been painting or drawing much. My artistic time for the last two months has gone into fiber art, tiny art quilts(see previous posts).

Some of my available time and creative energy is going into this blog and the flickr thing. I am enjoying the interaction with other artists around the world. Ideas for new quilts are coming faster than I can possibly create them. This is a good problem. I can imagine having time and no ideas, a problem I am not likely to ever have!

I want to use this watercolor sketch as a starting place for a pieced and felted art quilt.

Pine Trees in East Texas

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