Saturday, July 22, 2006

This is a painting entitled "West Texas Sunrise" that I painted a few
years ago, sitting on the ground early in the morning. It is a picture of Hope!

I love lists. Have I said that already? This relates to creativity.

My pastor talks about “spiritual and physical realities,” things we need to invest time in each day. This is how I have come to see it in my life.

Spiritual Realities:

Relationship with God based on grace through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross

Daily communion with God through prayer and meditation on Bible

Spiritual food- Bible study, slightly different from the above

Life in a community of other Christians

Physical Realities: (These have impact on mental and spiritual health but may be suspended in times of extreme need: crisis, persecution, war, famine. God’s grace, in these times is sufficient!)

Food (hopefully healthy)

Adequate sleep/rest

Meaningful work


I want to add an Additional Reality for some people or maybe for all:

Creativity- I believe that the desire to create is God given and stems from being made in His image. Maybe this fits under the topic of Meaningful Work.

Disclaimer: I would be lying if I implied that I do all the above faithfully every day! But I notice the lack and it affects my attitude and can result in a downward spiral until I change some priorities!

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