Sunday, September 09, 2007

Art Studio Moving/Utility Room Redo

Sometimes I just need to write, even if I think I don't have anything to say! Blogging was suppose to fill this need but I have become too self-conscious and returned to a white legal pad to do my ramblings. I decided to do it here this morning.

I am pleased about what I did Friday evening and all day Saturday. I cleaned out and painted the utility room. I even painted the floor, mostly. It had been painted before with dark gray base, and barn red brick pattern sponged on. It was clever but always looked hideous to me. There were enough random other colors, dark and light to hide a multitude of "sins, which was it's redeeming feature. The walls were a very dark avocado green. It took 3 coats of a thick, expensive, one coat covers all, white paint!

I am trying to move my art studio out of my kitchen and dinning room but I have too much and am boxing some materials and storing in the garage. I gave an old fridge (40-50 years old) away to friends for their rent house. It was too old to sell. And it was given with no guarantees!

The trial of this new studio will be when I get all the laundry going on in there. There is a significant leak when I wash which I talked to the "landlord" about yesterday. Right now it is a very appealing place to work! By work I mean laundry and art. My sewing is still in the other room where it will stay, for now.


Gunnels blog said...

It´s looks great Molly! I can understand that you need to move out from you kitchen :-))

Jeanette said...

Your wonderful art deserve it`s own space even if it`s next to the washing machine. Can understand you being afraid of the leak...hope your "landlord" sees it too. Your work place / studio looks great. I wish you many happy hours there.


Beach Girl said...

The space looks wonderful!

One day I'm going to have a room to create in. Of course, I don't know what "textile impaired" beach girl will create, LOL.

We're still holding on to our hats. Gabby is still blowing hard. The gusts make us all say, "Whoa!" and makes me wonder what it will be like when a real storm does finally come. :-)

Thnak you for your prayers, Molly.


Lady Rael said...

Woah! The things that happen when I'm not there! ;) Looks great, Mother dear. I miss you!


P.S. You might for a package in the mail... You never know, something could come, oh, in the next few days or so, something you have missed... Yes, precious.;)

Chelise said...

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xoxo - Chel