Sunday, October 07, 2007

Here is an old photo that I came across recently. We were 19 years old. I am glad that I can spin for the fun of it. I don't do it of necessity.

I have been consumed, eaten alive, by the start of school and the weight of my world. I have had some short bursts of energy to spend on fibers and dyes, but most of my little time in the studio of late has been spent organizing and cleaning. I am ashamed of the volume of stuff I have. I am behind and overwhelmed in almost every area of my life and consequently feel like a failure. What I think I need is a month off, to stay at home! Is that a common feeling these days? I think so, from talking to many people I know.
We have a running dialog, at this house, about the technologies that effect our lives either positively or negatively and can't agree if it is a net gain. I am very thankful for hot and cold running water, air-conditioning, cars, and yes my computer and the internet. But the speed and complexity of the business of life... the paperwork, the news, economics, bills, maintaining all those laborsaving devises, budgeting, various activities that children need transportation to, overseeing homework, grocery shopping, nutrition... As well as the time needed to maintain relationships.
I can hear, "It is a matter of priorities, making lists, delegating, and simplifying." When I manage to actually do that I will let you know... but don't hold your breath!


Gunnels blog said...

Hi Molly, good to hear from you! Sometimes the life run quickly much to do and ver little time to create, and we are tired!
thank you so much for your nice and kind comments on my blog!
Take care !

Hannah Katarski said...

Here here!!

I know exactly what you mean. I just had a holiday. I took time off to install my exhibition. So of course no rest there!

I don't know what the answer is either. Balance? but how do you find it?!!

Emmy said...

hello molly so nice to here from you ..
I know what you mean live is to busy we dont even have time for nice things
I hope you wil find the balance
hannah is revering to
warm regards Emmy

Beach Girl said...

Back from a stress break;it's good to be checking in with you again.

Balance? What's that? LOL Why does it have to be so difficult?

When I was doing Civil War living history and living in the 19th century for a weekend, I missed my bed, shower, etc., BUT I didn't miss the stresses of our 21st century lifestyle.


Jeanette said...

Oh I do so agree. We run so fast to the must do`s and should have done`s that we forget to live. My life is full of running these days. But for what? I think very few people sit at the retireing home regretting the fact that they didn`t work more overtime... a lot more sit in their weelchair regretting that they didn`t live fully when they had a chance.

I am sure balance is the key - but were to find that key? You lost me there. A nobel prize winner I`m sure, to the one that finds it. But I have done one thing though - I decided to take a part time job instead of a full time. It`s only 2 days less per month than before but it is MY two days. And I try to fill them with things that make me feel good. It`s less money of course but I rather have less money and a better life than the opposite.


KarenHarveyCox said...

My dearest Molly,
You a failure? Never, never. We all feel so overwhelmed at times, because besides living life, creatives often want to memorize it along the way through our art. I received this lovely prayer in the mail the other day. It is taken from Song of Solomon 2:26 "My beloved is mine and I am his." The prayer is Jesus writing to you:

Dearest Beautiful Woman,
you are Mine, i chose you. I've given everything to have a relationship with you. You are My passion and desire. Believe Me when i tell you that My love is better than life. In My eyes you are beautiful in every way. You have ravished My heart. Come to Me and know love. Dwell with Me, abide in Me. Let Me be your all and come alive to the rich pleasaure found in the sacred romance I created you to have with Me.

Eternally yours, The lover of your soul.

This lovely prayer really touched my heart, I hope it reminds you of how special you are to Him.

Blessings, Karen

molly jean said...

Thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement.

My "blue mood" has passed and I am ashamed about my whining! But I am still behind. Still have too much to do that has to be done. I will try to get some exercise this week-end outside, read my Bible, and visit with a friend. Also try to catch up on sleep AND do some work to make the week easier!