Friday, August 31, 2007

Books I Am Reading and Project I Have Started

I reread three volumes of THE LORD OF THE RINGS by JRR Tolkien this summer. Then I re-read the HOBBIT and THE SILMARILLIAN. Now I am reading the UNFINISHED TALES. I did not remember reading it at first but as I read I could remember reading it when my mother was in the hospital. All the stories were familiar but the actual reading had been lost in the memories of that traumatic time!

When I am too occupied with work to have much time to be creative, or if I come home too tired to do anything but the essentials, I like to have a project book to be reading and dreaming about!

I have a tendency to start new projects when I am frustrated and not having much art time. Then when the schedule is more reasonable, I will work on finishing several things in one or two weekends. My Art Quilt Group is using Jane Davila and Elin Waterston's book for our monthly meetings.

I have started making two dolls using Patti Medaris Culeas's book and patterns, though I used felt for the body and plan to make another head. She is not dressed yet except in a "make-shift" fashion for modesty! The character design is fun yet to come! Will she be an elf maiden or medieval princess?


Beach Girl said...

I love the dolls! I have vowed to try some new craft this fall/winter adn think I'm going to try my hand at a rag rug. Certainly, I should be able to handle that! :-)

In regards to the comment you left at Yahweh's Retreat.....

I know you would ask intelligent questions and you'd love the ferry ride.

Fall and winter are beautiful here (but please don't tell the others that are now leaving, LOL). Winter is an amazing time to find shells and I can already see them in your sketch book or worked in fabric into a sea coast quilt.

The stormy type of weather you spoke of is beautiful. I love to bundle up and hit the beach on days like that.

And as for the wildflowers, summer is peak. My absolute favorite is the GAILLARDIA. Look that one up, it's a beauty.

So, when would you like to come for a visit?


Plain Jane said...

Molly, check out I had the kids make super hero puppets, and keeping in mind what you did at your workshops in the summer, I had them write descriptions of their superheroes, before the created the puppets. You gotta read what they wrote!