Friday, August 31, 2007

First Week of School

amo, amas, amat...
ego, mei, mihi, me, me....

Mission accomplished! I got my workbooks ready, to and from the printer before the first day of school. I teach Latin to 110 children in grades 3-6 at a small, unique Christian School. My students learn Latin vocabulary and rudimentary Latin grammar as part of two and 1/2 days at school per week. They have two days of homework we call "homestudy" each week.

One of my duties this year is greeting children when they arrive and helping them out of their cars if needed. It turned out to be a joy rather than burden and will help me get to know the parents.

There is a beautiful eagerness in the faces of children who are wanting to learn something new. After the first day several moms reported to me that little Jonny or Jenny said Latin is their favorite class. This is mostly from 3rd graders. The older children tend to reserve judgment.

My time recently has been spent getting two older children off to college; they mostly got themselves off. The eighteen year-old needed more help (mostly with my check-book!) working his way through the system at the local college. It turns out that his textbooks in some instances are more expensive than tuition!

My two younger boys are in our classical Christian junior high school, associated with the grammar school where I teach. Last week I attended three orientations!


Sarah Nopp said...

I loved my Latin Class in high school. My teacher was a funny, engaging woman. Our first lesson was the amas-amat-amant too. And she sang it to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. I still sing it in my head if I need to remember something to conjugate (when I use my Latin skills!).
And then I go and watch Life of Brian, for the rest of the Conjugation memories LOL

Beti Copetti said...

You are a latin teacher! Great work!!!
This is a language-mother of Portuguese. Do you also speak portuguese ?
Hugs (abra├žos) from Brazil
Casa al mare