Sunday, January 07, 2007

Who loves his garden still
his Eden keeps.
Perennial pleasures plants,
and wholesome harvest reaps.

Amos Bronson Alcott

Don't you start thinking about gardens about this time of year? I use to read seed cataloges like novels, carrying them around for weeks! I'm working on an altered garden journal which I will show pages of.

I am also thinking of quilts. Several UFOs (unfinished objects) are calling me. They are mostly small art quilts that I need to bind and put the hanging sleeve on. And I have a wildflower applique quilt that I want to hand quilt.

When I was young the process was paramont. But at this stage in my life completion is more important (than it was). When my children
were small it was the process: thoughtfully choosing the next two tiny triangles to match and carefully handstitch together. The goal was to finish an eight inch square made of 32 light and dark triangles of graded shades of a variety of prints, then do the next, while watching play or bath time. The last thing I was thinking of was making a queen sized quilt! (I did make one but only because my grandmother came and helped me quilt the last 10 inches all around.) For the past 4 years I have explored free-motion quilting and embroidery with my sewing machine, raw edge applique, and dying and painting on fabric.

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Lady Rael said...

I like the "Moon Flowers" quilt! It's so pretty, and rather etherial.