Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Give ear to my prayer O God...
My heart is in anguish...
Cast your burden upon the LORD, and He will sustain You..." Psalm 55

I feel an over-riding sense of loneliness that I can't explain here, loss, pain, sadness. I find myself going back contenually/daily to The Psalms. When I feel whiny and sad there has usually been some unbalence in my life, sometimes unavoidable, sometimes a genuine reason for sadness. I need to pray and listen first to God. Then check my lists: spiritual, physical, additional.
Here they are again

Spiritual Realities:

Relationship with God based on grace through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross

Daily communion with God through prayer and meditation on Bible

Spiritual food- Bible study, slightly different from the above

Life in a community of other Christians

Physical Realities: (These have impact on mental and spiritual health but may be suspended in times of extreme need: crisis, persecution, war, famine. God’s grace, in these times is sufficient!)

Food (hopefully healthy)

Adequate sleep/rest

Meaningful work


I want to add an Additional Reality for some people or maybe for all:

Creativity- I believe that the desire to create is God given and stems from being made in His image. Maybe this fits under the topic of Meaningful Work.

Disclaimer: I would be lying if I implied that I do all the above faithfully every day! But I notice the lack and it affects my attitude and can result in a downward spiral until I change some priorities!

I hate the thought of a whining blog. I do journal like that sometimes and then look back and say, "Oh, it wasn't that bad. See, I was upset over nothing!"

I wrote this several days ago. Is this whining? "In the struggle to make a living as a single mom, and make art on a daily to weekly basis sometimes the house and even the people of my family are slighted! I have been able to just barely justify the time spent on art because I am bringing in some money on ebay, teaching classes, and local sales. But honestly, at times I feel that this lonely existence is easier because of the temporary high that comes with creating! "

And now I have a "new" rabbit trail to follow: Lime and violet sock marathon 2007. Of course I don't really want to marathon knit, my carple tunnels throb at the very thought, but it has been inspiring to see that so many young women are knitting! I am inspired to get out the sock yarn, take a photo or two and set some goals to finish those pairs of socks!

But getting the old house in order first should be reeeally come first. Zachary, my 18 year old son has just moved back in and I am glad he is here. Another reason to work on the house! More people, more stuff!

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Texas girl said...

You aren't whining, your friends like to know how you are doing.

And thanks for the reminder of your list, we all strugle with these things, and it is good to know we aren't alone.