Friday, January 26, 2007

"She looks for wool and flax
And works with her hands in delight."

Proverbs 31:13

A dear friend just gave me this darling spinning wheel. It is 25 inches tall. I am guessing that it is maple. It looks almost operational. But I think it is too small for practical spinning. I have a very practical wheel, a Ashford that I have used for 30 years!

I hope to spin, knit, or weave at least a bit this weekend. It has been cold enough, for once, to wear my hand knitted socks. They are a comfort and help the whole body stay warmer!

So I opened some boxes to feast my eyes on my stash of handspun and commercial yarn and some beautiful hand-dyed wool that I would enjoy spinning on a winter's evening by a crackling fire. I know I don't have time for much of this kind of craft, no sock knitting marathons for me, but an occasional hour spent in something "impractical" can be very resting! I am going to start with a few rounds a day to finish one of these pairs of socks.


Lady Rael said...

The little spinning wheel looks so cool! :-) I forgot that I didn't have any yarn up here when I left, so my last spare minutes (quite a while ago) I got into hemming my skirt. That's fun.

I love you, Mommy!


molly jean said...

Rael, Do you want me to mail you some yarn next time I go to the post office? Look at the link to MariannS fiber art. She does some real cool funky crocheting and felting. Mom