Friday, November 17, 2006

My cluttered, creative life seems out of hand at the moment! Ideas for projects are flying. I finished a fun book with lots of pockets, tags, and a festive pink quilted cover. I've made some simple and beautiful leather bound journals that just about sell themselves! And a jeans journal that I want to keep for myself but will probably sell or give away after I make another one. I have recovered an old Bible for a friend. It was not OLD old just the cover had come apart and now the usefulness, and beauty of this Bible has been restored! I used grey suede leather.

I don't know how other creative people work but I work in spirals! I start several projects, leave them sitting out as I mull over the next step, working on other projects until the solution "comes to me." When I was younger this resulted in lots of unfinished projects because I had to put things up till another time and later wanted to do something else. Too much time elapsed between creative sessions to maintain momentum on any but a few. I did finish some art projects but had to learn to bite off smaller bites: knit socks instead of sweaters, post card sized watercolor paintings, tiny dolls ...
I usually do some large paintings in the summer when I am sure to be able to finish. But usually now I find that small projects are my favorites! I want to do art EVERYDAY! And I do!

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