Monday, September 25, 2006

Who is this woman?

I think I know but I could not find a picture on the internet or in my encyclopedia.

Who does the picture envoke in your imagination?

I would love to hear from you!


Crystal said...

Is it Cleopatra? Or maybe its just the inscription you wrote that makes me think of her.
Whoever she is, she has been surrounded by your beautiful work. I love it!

molly jean said...

Hi Crystal, I had not thought of Cleaoatra. My first thought when I saw her, beside a vague sense of familiarity, was that she was an ancient pagan princess, Cetic maybe or actially a Victorian woman dress up as one. But it came back to me that she may be Sophia Schleiman (spelling?) the Greek wife of the German guy that found Ancient Troy. I saw a picture of her sometime in the past. He dressed her in some of the jewelry he found or forged depending on who you believe.

I love your most recent post, the anatomy poster, the verses... Yesterday, I volunteered at a local art museum. It was an anual membership/comunity outreach day with demos and kids hands on activities. I've done it before. I brought large foam stamps, portfolio water soluable oil pastels, and large sheets of printer paper to stamp on wet. Kids and some grown-ups really get into it! I had a lovely black college student helping me. She said she was not artistic but I proved her wrong! I said she needed to try the technique so she would know how to help the kids. She had fun and did 8-10 beautiful sheets; she said she would put them on her dorm wall. I told her I thought she was artistic and after all, she was made in the image of the great Creator/Artist God. Her face lit up and she agreed!

Thanks for the comment! Have a blessed Sunday.

Texas girl said...

Molly Jean, I was thinking the same thing about it being the wife of the German guy whose name I don't remember. I did watch a show about it a few months ago, and I think it is her. She was Greek if I remember correctly.

BlackMamba said...

Belle Epoque?