Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have been creating one or more very small art quilts per week.
Intensive creating seems to feed itself! I read a story of a college ceramics teacher giving his students the option of being graded for quantity or quality. If the student chose quantity they were to turn in as many items as they could make during the semester. If the student chose quality they were to turn in one perfect, very best piece. The students who went for quality spent a lot of time planning and eventually started, started over, spent some more time planning... The other students just jumped in and got busy. The students who produced the most art made great strides in skill and personal style. I want to be that kind of artist!

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Crystal said...

Thats a great perspective! Sounds like a good way to get over my "I can't make anything now that I'm working full time" blues. Thanks for writing that!
PS-your work is so inspiring!!