Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Waldorf Dolls
and Brazilian Verbena

One of my dear sons, with his much nicer, more expensive camera, used his considerable skill to take pictures of my newest Waldorf dolls.

I decided to try get that "bokeh" look early this morning on some flowers in the front yard, "bokeh" being the out of focus points of light in the photo of the pirate.

This is the Brazilian verbena, Verbena bonariensis.

The Brazilian verbena is the only plant that has actually thrived this drought year, leading me to do some research to see if it might be invasive. And it gets mixed reviews. Most people think it worth the risk because of its beauty. But when you decide to pull it you will probably want to wear gloves because of the hispid stems. Hispid was yesterday's new word for me! It means, "covered with rough hairs; bristly." I came across the term several times while researching the verbena. Of course hispid is from Latin.


DollZandThingZ said...

Adorable doll..and pretty flower. I figure anything that survives heat and drought is worth keeping...whether flora or fauna!

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