Friday, July 29, 2011


Two of my children had to wear eye patches when they were little, starting at or before age two. Both had slight crossing that was only apparent when they were sick or very tired. They got it from me! We had amblyopia or "lazy eye." My Zachary even had eye surgery when he was 3 years-old. Now, at age 22, he doesn't need even to wear glasses!

My vision problems were not caught until I was 7. There was no noticeable crossing of my eyes but one eye was not even trying to see because of the mismatch of the two images. The patching for the next 3-4 years was horrible from my "point of view"! They were hot, made of latex or something I was allergic to, made the world a dark place because my "good" eye was patched, and were a source of embarrassment. My mother, usually a stickler for honesty, told me that I could make up stories about being a pirate, having my eye poked out by a pointy object, or such, not that I really fooled anyone. But the stories were a comfort to me! Now, they say that patching at that age is too late to be effective.

At least my children didn't have to wear patches often in public, because we home schooled nor when they were as old as I was. They were not always happy to wear the patches but it was more of an annoyance than embarrassment!!


DollZandThingZ said...

Your dolls are REALLY, really cute!

One hardly ever hears of "lazy eye" any more but I do remember it from eyepatch, though...just some exercises done looking at a moving pencil.

Cassy said...
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