Sunday, December 09, 2007

Texas Wildflowers

Bluebonnets, Wild Verbena, Tansy Aster, Mountain Pinks, and Strawberry Cactus

I have been painting seriously and intently for several days, as my schedule allowed. Then put in a marathon of painting on Friday evening and most of Saturday, stopping only to take a child to a school event, grade papers for about 2 1/2 hours, and go to the grocery store. Today I didn't get back to painting. We went to church, I graded papers, got a Christmas tree, and moved stuff around in my studio/living room to make room for it. It may be several days before I decorate it.

While I was painting yesterday I was wishing I would paint more often. I love it. But this kind of painting, a commissioned piece, is hard for me to do. Especially hard to begin. I dread doing something to please someone and possibly failing! I stopped at regular intervals to take progress paintings and post on flickr. If you want to see the early stages look here. I still need to finish the monarda, and work on the border. When I finish I will post a picture. At this point I hope my client doesn't want it... I am wanting to keep it.

There is a glare on the verbena.

Texas Prickly Pear
Monarda Citriodora
This flower is not finished yet.


Dianne said...

You paintings are just gorgeous! What a multi-talented lady you are.

Emmy said...

fantastic you are very talented

KarenHarveyCox said...

Molly, this looks amazing to me. You are so talented.
Blessings, Karen

Jeanette said...

Oh Molly, the paintings are absolutely amazing! It`s such a joy visiting your blog. Always something beautiful to look at. You are SO talented! I wish you a very merry Christmas my friend!


Anonymous said...

OMG...this is absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you want to keep it. However, I don't think that's going to happen. Your client is going to love it!

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Jeanette said...

Merry Christmas Molly!
Yesterday we had below zero and out walking I captured a few frozen moments with my camera. The weather for Christmas Eve looked promising but today we are back to normal again. Grey skies, fog and rain. Rudolf will definitely need his red nose....

I wish you a joyful and happy holiday!

Lots of love to you my friend

Plain Jane said...

Lovely paintings Molly!! I love the theme too.