Sunday, December 31, 2006

About that depression-era/poverty-mindset/ collector/ hate-to-part-with-anything-I-might-need syndrome, yesterday evening I listed (on Ebay) some Church Nursery Posters that my grandmother rescued from the dumpster at her church: I came by my condition naturally, I inherited it! Actually my grandmother recently had a long running garage/estate sale . She had lived on the farm in the same house for almost 70 years! She sold quilting fabric by the pound in grocery bags. Of course, she still had a stash to move because at 90 she still is quilting!


BlackMamba said...

your works are very beautiful !!

Bravissima :o)

Happy new year

Jane said...

Oh how I wish I could have gone to that yard sale!!! I bet there were tons of treasures I have that inherited depression era -cant-throw-it-away- thing too, but sadly I live in a big city apartment and must.

molly jean said...

I looked at your blog. It is an awesome thing you are doing in LA! May God bless you and those fourth graders. Third and fourth graders are my favorites.

About those binder clips. I had two in my art supplies for 20 years and it never occured to me that they were such and affordable luxury. Now I have many in three sizes and some variety of colors but I like the black ones best!