Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

One son got married last May and my daughter is getting married in March.

I am sewing.

At the moment, small bits of antique lace are being appliqued to the silk bodice fabric. My daughter is handling most of the plans, thankfully, as that is not my area of giftedness!

My other creative energies are going into cooking and food/lifestyle changes. This transformation has been slowly taking place the last two or three years but with increasing fervency last year partly as a response to autoimmune conditions and mostly as a desire to be a healthy and useful person as long as possible!

I am reading, researching, and buying mostly organic vegetables and grass fed meat. I am investing, on a small scale, in a dairy herd so that I can drink raw milk.  And trying to not be snobbish or obnoxious about what other people are eating!

Good food costs more and takes more time. But I am convinced that cheap food is bought "on credit" which will come due sooner or later in medical costs! And would you rather support small organic farms and ranches or big pharmaceutical companies? I prefer the FREEDOM of real, nutrient dense foods like my grandparents ate as children! 

I hope to see, play with, read to, sew for, love, influence, pray for and with, and know grandchildren!

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