Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Beautiful Fall 2009

What have I been doing? (I ask myself, because I don't feel like I have accomplished much recently!)

My main occupations : Enjoying the three "children" still in my home and hearing from the three that are far away. Notice the "Abe" costume my youngest wore on October 31st! (Thrift store jacket looked black in person. I made the vest and top hat of felt.)
Teaching Latin and loving the children, 3rd through 6th grade, at my school. Teaching two classes weekly at a local dance and art studio.

I went to a HUGE garage sale benefiting "Meals on Wheel," where I stocked up on needle working supplies to use and share. I also found some vintage and not so vintage dolls!

I fullfilled a childhood desire to stay at the Prude Ranch in the Davis Mountains of Texas. The ladies of my church went for a weekend retreat. I didn't ride a horse while there...maybe next time!

A friend at church asked me last Sunday what I had been doing creatively, lately. I could not answer! I reallized that the sewing studio area of my bedroom was a chaotic mess; that was a big part of my inability to sew. So, this week I cleaned, sorted, boxed, moved furniture... and now I have a place to work again and am inspired!


a painter said...

That Lincoln costume is terrific! Your sewing supplies are fab! It sounds like you have been busy. Looks like you found a Nancy Ann story book doll. Cleaning a sewing area is accomplishment unto itself. Maybe not creative but certainly productive!

Jane LaFazio said...

Oh my gosh, you got all that thread at a garage sale! Definitely a sign that it's time to get back in the studio!
great ABE costume!

Anonymous said...
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