Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am feeling blue about the end of summer!

I LOVE teaching, my school, the other teachers and staff, and especially the interaction with the children. I am excited about my new classroom. Previously I have been the Mobile Latin Teacher, have cart will travel.

But there is a sense of disappointment that I didn't accomplish more.

I have not painted on canvas, threaded the loom, finished dolls, made a book or quilt, felted...

I have resisted the urge to buy art supplies*. I recognize that as a substitute for spending time creating that I can fall into too easily!
But today I bought two books and a magazine with art class money.

I am not really happy about my studio arrangement at present hence the purchase of the book Where Women Create.

In my heart I know that creativity does not depend on place, space, or a lot of specific supplies, I have a lifetime supply already.

But some of my focus has been missing of late!

* Honesty check: I have bought fabric!
sewed four skirts, and a tunic
dyed and embellished a t-shirt
had a serious garden
taught a weekly sewing class for girls
taught one week of art camp
cooked lots of primarily vegetable meals
made pickles
worked on the garage, sorting, boxing, trashing and giving away stuff


Lady Rael said...

I'd say you accomplished quite a lot, Mother dear. :-)

a painter said...

I will ditto Lady Rael. Your skirt, your garden, and your photos have all been very creative, in my opinion, not to mention the other things! I think you have accomplished a lot.

I agree with your musings about space and creativity. I am currently deciding whether or not to buy the latest Where Women Create or not. Seeing such extravagant life styles doesn't help my brain! But, I love Mary E. so I will probably buy it.

Once again, your skirt really is beautiful!

Dawn said...

Love the Alabama Stitching skirt and t-shirt. Patience and I keep thinking we'll experiment with this technique but never do...

Jeff Krohn said...

Hello-- this is Jeff Krohn. You left a message for me at my blog about your son traveling in Peru. Visitors are always welcome-- though the coming few weeks I am mostly busy writing courses/sermons-- so he would not really have much to do if he came to visit. I do have to make a trip from where we live (Abancay) to Lima a week from Friday. I could always give him a lift if he would like it. Let me know. Great to hear of his desire to serve...

Anonymous said...

I think you've done a lot! I'm afraid to even look at Where Women create..I'll get ill! : ( my work area is a disaster!