Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life is Time (passing too fast and spent in frantic busyness it seems)
Work to eat, serve, provide for the future...
Make art, be creative, where ever and when ever!

I have a new home!

My creative thoughts have been spent on color choices and how best to arrange people and furniture in a smaller but nicer space. I have looked through every copy of HOME COMPANION and VICTORIA magazine that I have saved over the years. I focused on what I had bookmarked previously as favorites. I chose "rest-full" green, gray, neutrals in the "public"rooms. I plan to accent with colors from art and textiles which can be moved or changed easily. My bedroom/studio walls are pale pink. I don't think I have ever had a pink room. I painted the 100+ year old iron a brass bed a dark aubergine.

The house appeared in wonderful, move in condition and was painted in a nice neutral cream. My only initial plan was to paint over the dark paneling in the living room. Back in March when I first met THE HOUSE, I had a dreadful head cold and was unaware of the smell that the house had from being smoked in for 30 years. When the furniture was moved out we could see outlines on the walls where pictures had hung! I wish that I had taken pictures but the worst rooms have already been painted.

My other creative pursuit has been thrift store and estate sale shopping. I am looking for sweaters to felt and silk for a quilt. I love fabric textures and colors. Alas, it means more store. I have meanwhile found that I can clothe myself and family in in silk, linen, and cashmere "for a song"!


a painter said...

Your new home looks beautiful! I love what you have done with your decor. Wishing you much happiness in your new home!

Vanessa Cole said...

The holidays are over;
January is here.
Just stopping in
To wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!