Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have been reading, knitting, sipping mint tea and ice water, napping with heat on my face, trying to get over an awful head cold. I am sampling different yarns with a flower pattern from Nicky Epstein's book KNITTED FLOWERS. So far I like the thinner yarn especially the Shetland Jumper weight yarn from School House Press.

I just put my first samples on the scanner to show what I am doing. I plan to knit leaves and some kind of centers. I have lots of ideas for using flowers but at the moment I'm not feeling very motivated!


Beach Girl said...

You'll be proud of me...I'm knitting! My step-daughter is getting ready to have her first baby and I'm knitting a shawl for her and loving every minute of it.

Maybe I'll try flowers next.....


Gunnels blog said...

Hi Molly! I hope you get well soon again so you can enjoy your free days and your company! so lovely thing you can knitted, I can see ´how you can use it in your lovely "flower art" !!!

Lady Rael said...

These are amazing! I like how the violet flower has a swirly thing going with each petal! :-)

I love and miss you, and can't wait to come home tomorrow!


Emmy said...

I love your flowers the colors are so wonderful
great flower art