Friday, June 01, 2007

The sky is darkening, but to the north east a giant looms, glowing with a blush of pink which fades to lavender, then to dark purple. The whisper, the growing rustle, and as the sun sets a change in the air signals a possibility of rain.

Is that thunder?

Not the promise of rain, but a teasing possibility. This is a pattern of the last three nights. I miss the full view of the sky that I had when I lived out on the prairie where you can see a storm
building miles away and maybe more in several directions!

This evening brings to mind an afternoon some years ago. I was in New Mexico taking children to camp. I had a few short hours to enjoy the mountains. I walked around, found a comfortable place to sit and quickly began to draw then write. I have a vivid memory of that moment in time because I took the time to record it! This page also includes leaf printing, a border stamped with hand carved stamp.


Sharon Lynne said...

Hi...just visiting. Looks like you're having some breakfast! Nice little conversation between Pippin, Arogon, and Merry.

Again...your art is wonderful.

By the way...we like the same books.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the softness of the colors. It reminds me of batik fabric.