Monday, May 28, 2007

I am feeling a great sense of loss. Too much for such a thing as this. I am on one hand justifying my strong emotions but on the other hand I am appalled that it means so much to me! I have not cried, amazingly enough as crying is my normal response to frustration, but I have talked out loud to the computer and felt a desire to get up and stomp around! And I feel compelled to use lots of !!!!s. Not bad words, mind you, just dramatic exclamation points!

Two or three hours pass.....

I have now recoverd my posts and comments.

I have my links saved in a word file...

I have overcome the panicy feeling, learned a thing or two and changed my background to white. Let me know if it is easier to read. (I still love art on a black background)

Slowly adding links back.

Must sleep then I will try to add counters, map, atom feed and various "widgits" I think they are called.


Gunnels blog said...

Molly, I think it´s much easier to read now, but I agree art is best on black.........
Thank you for the link to my blog

Jeanette said...

You`re fantastic work is a joy to watch and a constant inspiration to me. Reading your blog opens a whole new horizon .... of what you can do with needle, tread and yarn. Black or white background? Well black gives the art more credit I agree with that but the art it self is what makes you want to visit your blog over and over again !!!! Thank you for the link to my blog.

The ACEOs are gorgious! I so want to try and make something like that myself.....and then you really should have my first one - you being the inspiration I mean
:-) How do I go about that?

Sharon Lynne said...

Hi Molly!

I love the colors you use. Your work is very beautiful.

That sounds quite stressful about your blog! I'm trying to type my posts into a word file, then copy them over to my blog. So if anything disappears, I still have the word file.

But my blog is more of a journal, and your blog has more pictures, art--so the word file back-up may not work as well for you.

I'm only a beginner with all this blog technology stuff!